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Dr Sivan Pearl

December 29th 2016: Congratulations to Sivan on the successful defense of her PhD thesis. Good luck Dr Pearl!!!!

June 18th 2015

Great news for all, our BSF grant on the study of the Phycobilisome, in collaboration with Bob Blankenship has been renewed for four additional years. We thank the BSF and our peers for their continuing support of our research.

June 15th 2015

Congratulations to Faris on passing his PhD defense. Onward and forward to more great achievements in you post doctoral research.


We are back home!

We have finished moving back to our renovated lab. Thanks to all those that planned, built and took part in the move.


March 29th 2015

Congratulations to Avital on the acceptance of her paper on the crystal structure of the COPI delta-MHD subunit in Acta Crystallographica D.

October 10th 2014

Congratulations to Ofir on the publication of his paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) August 12th 2014: Congratulations to Roy on the successful defense of his MSc thesis. July 30th 2014: Congratulations to Mor on the publication of her paper in Nature Communications!