The Technion Center for Macromolecular Structure Research provides researchers involved in biomedical, bioengineering and renewable energy research the tools to obtain and understand the structure/function relationship of biologically important molecules on the atomi

What do we do?

The Macromolecular Structure Research Laboratory is dedicated to the understanding of the structure/function relationship found in biological systems at the molecular level. The laboratory has determined the structures of over 50 macromolecules (proteins or nucleic acids) by X-ray crystallography from a variety of different organisms and systems. These structures, coupled with additional biochemical and biophysical methods, have allowed us to elucidate different critical functions of these systems. At present our main interests lie in the fields of: Photosynthesis, enzymes, stress related proteins, transport proteins and antibiotic development. Our interests in photosynthesis have led us to develop novel methods by which solar energy can be converted to electrical current and molecular hydrogen using photosynthesis directly.


A photosynthetic membrane driven photo-electrochemical cell that produces hydrogen

The structure of PCLoop with PC crystal and the structure solved from the crystals xray difraction