Jenia Sklyar

My research focuses on structural characterization of carotenoid binding proteins in Cyanobacteria by biochemical methods, genetic engineering, and X-ray crystallography. Carotenoid binding proteins are part of the essential photoprotection process occurring in cyanobacteria. Orange carotenoid protein (OCP) is a photoprotection protein that consists of 2 domains: C-terminal (CTD) and N-terminal domain (NTD). CTD homologs termed CTDH, whereas the NTD homologs termed HCP (Helical carotenoid proteins). HCPs are carotenoid binding proteins participating in the photoprotection pathway. Some of their unique crystal structures has not been solved yet. To obtain the crystal structure of these proteins, the cyanobacterial genes are overexpressed in E.coli, and the obtained proteins are urified and crystallized.