Lab Members

Picture of Prof. Noam Adir

Prof. Noam Adir

Principal Investigator
Phone: 972-4-8292141 ; FAX: 972-4-8295703
Picture of Dr. Avital Lahav

Dr. Avital Lahav

Lab Manager ; M.Sc 2009; Ph.D. 2014
Phone: 972-4-8293716
Picture of Jenia Sklyar

Jenia Sklyar

M.Sc student
Phone: 04-8293716
structural characterization of carotenoid binding proteins Continue Reading Jenia Sklyar
Picture of Hagit Shoyhet

Hagit Shoyhet

M.Sc student
Phone: 04-8293716
Coupling Photosystem II (PSII) to nano-photocatalysts for energy production: Continue Reading Hagit Shoyhet
Picture of Yaniv Shlosberg

Yaniv Shlosberg

PhD student
Development of novel bio photo electrochemical cells Continue Reading Yaniv Shlosberg
Structural and functional characterization of cyanobacterial phycobilisomes Continue Reading Maayan Suissa Szlejf
Picture of Tarek tarabeh

Tarek tarabeh

PhD student
Phone: 048293716
Peptide Antibiotics development. Continue Reading Tarek tarabeh

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Former Lab Members

Picture of Dr. Tunde toth

Dr. Tunde toth

Phone: 048293716
Picture of Shira Bar-Zvi

Shira Bar-Zvi

Ph.D. Student (Technion Grand Energy Program)
Phone: 972-4-8293716
Picture of Dvir Harris

Dvir Harris

Ph.D. Student
Phone: 972-4-8293716
Research interests: Determination of the precise interaction between the Phycobilisome (PBS) light harvesting antenna and the Orange Carotenoid Protein (OCP). Continue Reading Dvir Harris
Picture of Dr. Sudeshna Ghosh

Dr. Sudeshna Ghosh

Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Dan Kallmann

Dan Kallmann

Ph.D. Student (Technion Grand Energy Program)
Phone: 972-4-8293716
Research interests: Harnessing photosynthesis for the production of hydrogen and electricity. Continue Reading Dan Kallmann
Picture of Roy Ben Harosh

Roy Ben Harosh

(M. Sc. 2014)
Picture of Shiri Yamin

Shiri Yamin

M.Sc Student
Phone: 972-4-8293716
Picture of Mor Sendovsky-Goldfeder

Mor Sendovsky-Goldfeder

Ph.D. 2013
Picture of Moran Shalev

Moran Shalev

Ph.D. 2013
Picture of Roy Pinhassi

Roy Pinhassi

Ph.D. graduate (Technion Grand Energy Program)
Picture of Ofir Tal

Ofir Tal

Ph.D. 2013
Picture of Sivan Perl

Sivan Perl

Ph.D. graduate
Picture of Liron David

Liron David

Ph.D. 2012
Picture of Gadiel Saper

Gadiel Saper

Ph.D. Student (Technion Grand Energy Program)
Phone: 972-4-8293716
Research interests: Characterization of mutated PSII designed for green energy production. Continue Reading Gadiel Saper
Picture of Sharon Navon

Sharon Navon

Ph.D. 2012
Picture of Yigal Linkovsky

Yigal Linkovsky

M.Sc 2012
Picture of Ailie Marx-McGregor

Ailie Marx-McGregor

M.Sc 2007 ; Ph.D. 2011
Picture of Margarita Kanteev

Margarita Kanteev

M.Sc 2007 ; Ph.D. 2011
Picture of Anat Shahar

Anat Shahar

M.Sc 2005; Ph.D. 2010
Picture of Faris Salama

Faris Salama

M.Sc 2009 ; Ph.D. 2015
Picture of Tali Schwartzman

Tali Schwartzman

M.Sc 2009
Picture of Merav Klartag

Merav Klartag

M.Sc 2008
Picture of Monica Dines

Monica Dines

Ph.D. 2007
Picture of Valeria Rukhman

Valeria Rukhman

M.Sc 2000 ; Ph.D. 2005
Picture of Meirav Abdelas

Meirav Abdelas

M.Sc 2004
Picture of Prof. Boaz Pokroy

Prof. Boaz Pokroy

M.Sc 2003
Picture of Prof. Miri Barak

Prof. Miri Barak

Ph.D. 2002
Picture of Rina Anati

Rina Anati

Ph.D. 2002
Picture of Radion Vainer

Radion Vainer

M.Sc 2002
Picture of Elena Dobrovetsky

Elena Dobrovetsky

M.Sc 2001
Picture of Ludmila Abezgauz

Ludmila Abezgauz

M.Sc 2001
Picture of Dr. Meira Melamed-Frank

Dr. Meira Melamed-Frank

Former Lab manager